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Brenda Mullen - San Antonio Texas Area Real Estate SpecialistHome can mean different things to different people….

When I was a young girl, my mother and I moved a lot.  My mother was always searching for a place to call “home”.  In fact, we always seemed to move at Christmas time, packing up the tree and ornaments and heading on out to a different area of town.

We moved every couple of years until I asked my mother, could we please stay in one place until I graduated from high school.  She agreed and we stayed in the same apartment until I graduated high school and joined the Army.  As soon as I did that, oddly enough, she moved!

As you see from the above statement, I joined the Army at 18 and stayed until 21 years later.  For those of us who are or were in the military, the common saying is “home is where you hang your, hat, cover, beret, (fit whatever head gear you would like in the saying) .  As you may imagine, I spent a lot of those 21 years in different places, calling them home.

I did indeed spend a year in Iraq calling that hot desert home and in various other states and other overseas areas. Sometimes home wasn’t so pleasant and sometimes it was great and very hard to leave.  However, being in the military as some would know, you really don’t get to stay in any one place too long.  After 21 years, I retired from FT Sam Houston, TX as an Army Medic and decided to call this place my home.

Home can be a place of safety and comfort.  It can be a place of quiet and peace or loudness and joy, (interchange all of those and it can still be home).  But most of all, it’s a place you want to come to and it’s yours.  It is a place that will always receive you when the outside world doesn’t.  Home is where you can be you and trust me; Home is a wonderful place to come to when you have been away from it for a long time.  Home is….well, put your own meaning in there, because it is what home is to you.

So…finding home has always resonated deep within me and when I decided to retire from the Army, I felt my calling, (for lack of a better term), would be to help others find home.  It is what gives me my deepest joy when I help a first time, or millionth time buyer find that perfect place for them.  It gives me some of the greatest satisfaction to help sellers sell their initial homes or their second or third homes so that they can continue their journey to find their ultimate home whether they are downsizing or up-sizing.

I have been in Real Estate now for a little over 4 years, and I plan to keep on going.

So…that’s a little bit of my story.  I hope it made sense to you and if you need help Finding Home, whether that be here in the Greater San Antonio, TX area or elsewhere in other pastures, please feel free to call or e-mail me.  I promise that I will give it my all to Help You Find Home!

Brenda Mullen – San Antonio Texas Area Real Estate Professional

Selling a San Antonio Texas area home involves many steps and having an experienced San Antonio Texas Real Estate Agent by your side will make the transaction run a lot smoother.

I would love to be your San Antonio Texas Area Real Estate Professional! I assist both buyers and sellers in the San Antonio Texas area with either the purchase and or sale of residential real estate.

As an Accredited Buyer’s Agent, I have received special training to guide and educate you through the entire home buying process. From start to finish, I listen to your needs and desires in what you would like and take the information you give me to find you home.

As your San Antonio Texas listing agent I am well versed on the local San Antonio Texas area Real Estate Market. You can expect personalized service that includes a detailed consultation on how to best position your home to be competitive in today’s market with an in depth comparative market analysis, and advice on staging. I use the latest and most up-to-date marketing methods to get your home in front of as many buyers as possible.

Being your San Antonio Texas area Realtor® not only involves just finding the home or selling the home, but being your guide, negotiator, advisor and advocate and making sure that your needs and goals are met. Being your San Antonio Texas area Realtor® is one of my truest passions, and “Helping You Find Home” is my number one priority.

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