Why Do I Need to Prequalify to Buy a Home

What is Prequalification

When you contact a Realtor® about purchasing your San Antonio TX home for sale, most likely, one of the first questions they are going to ask you is..”have you been prequalified yet?”

Prequalification simply means that you have been to a lender or a bank and discussed some basic financial information so that they could qualify you for a certain amount on a home purchase.

Since many individuals will need to borrow money from a lending institution to purchase a home, this is very important information that  I need to help you find a home.  I can’t even really begin to help you find home until I have that very important information on how much home you can afford.

I know that may seem kind of invasive or un-needed information.  After all, you know how much you spend on rent, so you can at least afford that, right?  Well, although that premise is basically true, there is more involved when you are going to get a loan for a significant amount of money.  It is import

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